BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 6


Happy running buddies Mollie and me at Richmond Park


Countdown week 6 basically had a strengthening session on Wednesday, run to work Thursday and my main long run on Sunday.


Due to the long runs and Half Marathons I did in the past couple of weeks, I let myself go a little bit. That means I didn’t run 3x a week as I should but stick to the long run on the weekend. This wasn’t ideal but it still worked out. The downside of running less times a week is that your legs are bit heavy at the weekend. Better stick to your plan but don’t panic  if you miss a session or two. Keep the long runs consistent.


Pic: At the gym during lunch. Feeling challenged after a weighs class.


Wednesday lunch time strengthening was a bit of a killer. Me being too busy, I didn’t do as much strengthening as I should do during your running training. As a result I was in pain at my bag and upper body plus legs for a few days.




Pic: Sunday Long run in Richmond park  with Mollie for 3h and total 15 miles 24km.


This weekend was about increasing the distance even more than last week. So more than a Half Marathon. Mollie and I will run Berlin together so we met up to run 2 loops in Richmond Park. It’s a beautiful park sometimes you can see deer. The benefit of running in Richmond is it’s hilly too. To be honest I didn’t do any hill training.



The first round was 12km and my legs felt ok. I already felt the difference being on an uneven ground. My ankle had to balance more. On the second round you know already the route and I was looked forward to have a quick stop to buy a cold drink at the shop.


My right ankle was getting stiff and my legs felt very heavy. My legs fitness getting to a point where it was challenging. I was not in pain but this was the weakness I felt. Now I realised I didn’t do my strengthening regularly. I thought I need to fit in more time for lunges, one leg exercises! It’s so important.


Mollie was running very strong and I was so glad to have a running buddy. The long runs feel shorter with someone. We finished 2 rounds and a cool down easy run down to the station. 


It felt tough but rewarding that we did our target. 


And we had a smile on our face!



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