BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 5


Week 5 was just amazing! One highlight after die other.

Monday will be always my REST DAY. 

The first highlight was on Tuesday when I was lucky to attend an Adidas Event.

We met up in North London.

This event was about the product launch #PUREBOOSTX and we all got them to try out. The run was approximately 5km along the canal and finishing at the Adidas store on Oxford Street. You won’t believe it! We could swap our old trainers for the new ones! How cool is that?

Pic: We enjoyed the run and the refreshment; Flo, Ellen and me. Find the Event Report here.

Wednesday I attended a strengthening class with #WETRAIN event in Brixton.

Another event another highlight. WETRAIN was training with friends and they make it easy to share personal training. They do exclusive small group sessions in any sport or activity and at pop up locations near you! I tried Barre, which were ballet movements and we used a chair. The second class I tried was a HIT class using my own body weight.
Altogether a great event with some refreshments at the end. Thanks.

Sunday LONG RUN with Toni in Hempstead Heath.

Absolutely brilliant run around Hempstead Heath. Toni knew the route very well so the only thing I had to to was follow. The run was a mix of around the park and along some streets. Quite hilly but exactly that was a good exercise.

I knew Toni from Advent Running. He is a very advanced runner. Running is his passion and he gave me a few tips how to approach the hills better. The key are small steps, on the ball of your feet and high cadence. It really worked out better for me. It felt like a bit when you are on a bike and go up the hill by choosing the smallest gear. The result would be your legs go much faster although you move only slowly up. In general less energy was used but you get to the top.

Beautiful park run with sun and some small rain showers. 

At the end we climbed that tree. Total of 15km done thanks Toni!

Week 5


Monday       REST DAY

Tuesday      Adidas event 5k

Wednesday Strengthening @WETRAIN

Thursday     Run to work 6.5

Friday         REST DAY

Saturday     REST DAY

Sunday       Long run with Toni in Hempstead Heath

Very successful trainings week with lots of fun.
I love London with its opportunities and surprises.

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