BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 3 Bacchus Half Marathon



The absolute highlight with no doubt was the Bacchus Half Marathon near Dorking.

The week started with a challenging track session on Tuesday.

Warm up 3 x 400m
Main set 6x:
2 x 400m 1min rest and
1x 400m faster pace and 2 min rest
Cool down 400m easy

I did plan running to work on Thursday but did not end up doing it and saved my legs for Sunday’s Half Marathon race.

Another long run was on my list but instead of finding a route more than 20k long or more than 2h, I thought I sign up for another race. My lovely colleague Angela was doing it and that’s how I heard about Bacchus Half Marathon.

Beautiful Vineyard but painful hills! This was the toughest half I’ve done. It was mainly hilly that worked my bum and legs but also a long downhill which puts a lot of pressure on the knie. During the race I was suffering from the heat and the hills but I was so happy that I had no issues with my usual right ankle. I just pushed and finished Bacchus Half Marathon in 2:32h.

The best during the race was every 2 miles a wine tasting, snack and water station.

Loved it! Please have a read of the full race report here. Bacchus Half 

So to sum it up, my week started challenging with track, had a bit of a lazy mid week and finished it with the killer hills on Sunday!

How was your week? Active or lazy? Or a mix like mine 🙂

Berlin Marathon is coming closer… Oh, Oh …



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