BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 2


Pic: Different lacing options for your running shoe depending on your mid-foot.

Just a small tip for you:

Tip: Check your shoe lacing. I run with the left lacing due to my high midfoot. It takes off the pressure. Every foot is different and with a different lacing you can improve the comfort of your shoe and running experience.

I had a horrible week. Mentally very challenging but also for my body.

Unfortunately my legs but also my whole body was very tight the whole week.

Tuesday I went to Track but during the main session my right side was tight. Not only my leg, I also felt it in my back and right shoulder muscle.

I had no idea what was going on. Potentially the race on Sunday with all the hills showed its impact now. I have to say I did push up hill a lot and I felt very strong. But now all of a sudden I realised that my body was aching in a different way than after the usual long runs.

I spoke to James who was leading the track run in my group and he recommended to be very careful and shorten the main session. I did.

With a sad face and very tight muscles we all had a beer at the local pub. My mind was the whole time worrying about the muscles and I googled place for a massage.

Throughout the whole week the situation didn’t change. I used the foam roller and massaged my legs. What was more worrying that around my hip area everything was tight too. I never had that before.

I was shocked. Did I injure myself? My body was so tired and exhausted. This must be a burn out. I was like that the whole week. I suffered mentally from it the most. I guess I can’t blame it just on that one race. Remembering that in preparation for Berlin Marathon I ran the last month every weekend between 22-25 km on the long run.

To be honest the whole training period I was never at that point that I suffered physically that much. Now I felt so emotionally because everything was out of control. I was not able to relax my body. What do I need? What’s wrong? I was wondering how much my mind was involved? I wanted to cry because I thought I did a mistake running that last race and pushed so hard, but I didn’t.

I managed to survive work and only ran an easy 6km with my friend Daniela G. in Brockwell park. Talking to her helped me a lot. She calmed me down and although my legs were very tight in the beginning of the run, it felt a bit better afterwards.  Daniella just said “If you struggle during the race or something hurt, just slow down. Check and see if it gets better.”

A few days later, back at work and I enjoyed a sports massage, my leg and hip muscles are still very much the same. I bought vitamins and tried to eat very well. No change.

The race is so close and I’m scarred. I try not to think about it but I will remember Danielas words whenever I feel a niggle.

Listen to your body.

I rest now and might have an easy run to work but that’s it.

Please, rest well before the race.

BERLIN MARATHON is coming closer!

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