BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 16

BERLIN calling!

Last year I already tried to get a spot for Berlin that’s why I was so happy I got a Ballot place for this years Marathon.


Typical Marathon Training plans are for 16 weeks. I’m counting down the weeks and going forward I will get you a weekly update on my blog. You will find my highlights of each week, ups and downs in a fun way. I love pictures and selfies but I will also discuss my challenges during the 16 weeks training. I remembered what I have been trough while training for London last year and I learnt from it.

Feel free to comment as I’m very excited to hear from your experiences. Or tips and tricks?

Be inspired and inspire others.





Just over a week ago I finished Edinburgh Half Marathon. The week after was “REST” written into my diary in capital letters. The only active but fun event was hiking 2,5h with The North Face #NeverStopLondon. An overnight hiking and camping experience.


Now I got a good running base and decided to start the first training week with an easy run to work 6km.


Keeping the legs moving was my aim.

Every week I will set myself an additional challenge. For example in week 15 I won’t eat any biscuits. In the office it’s always so tempting and I aim to change my snacking habits throughout the training. Stay tuned!

Here are my highlight from week 16: 

 Pic: Brighton’s Pier

Pic: Running along Brighton’s sea front.


Lucky that I working for a company were PEOPLE are one of their main company values. I’m proud working for PUIG and we all love to be on a conference once a year. This year it was a shorter seminar in Brighton. I packed my running gear and although I had a few glasses of red wine, I ran along the pier the next morning. Just an easy 20 min (3k) run to wake up and keep my legs moving. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t run that day.


Pic: Long run on Saturday

Back in London I was tempted to go to my local boot Camp. No! No! No! I quickly reminded myself about my running duties and set my priorities right. I ran in total 11km: Started in Clapham to Tooting 3k, the big loop in Tooting Park 5k and back to Clapham 3k.

Pic: Boot Camp Clapham Common

Oh, and I stopped at the boot camp to meet my colleague Eloisa for a few more exercises.


 Pic: Just moved to Clapham and found my new boot camp buddy colleague Eloisa. Sadly she is moving back to Spain a weeks time.


Pic: Italian Pizza from ECO Restaurant Clapham Common


This was a successful training week but also party and drinks weekend. As much as I love a glass of wine or two, it doesn’t work well with training. The more training I do the more I will watch my diet. This was the last Pizza for this month and the next one will be a reward for my training success.

Next weeks challenge: No Biscuits!


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