BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 15


Pic: Good Morning

Friday was my earliest training morning so far. Alarm 5:15am, snoozing till 5:30am and I finally left my house by 6:00am to travel 45min to East London’s Beigel Bake.

For a long time I wanted to join Advent Running on their weekly #BeigelRun. I love my food and never tried the famous beigel on Briklane. Oh and running a 10k before work was great for my training too!

Pic: Famous for its Beigels 24h. I choose a Nutella and a cream cheese one for 90p each!


Pic: One of London’s iconic landmarks LONDON BRIDGE

Social running is so much fun! We are having a chat and it’s just a good feeling to run with a group. Social running means you keep an eye on the slower runners in the back and stop sometimes to get together as a group again. It’s not a race. However I ended up running a bit faster than usually without realising. A little challenge and having a good time – Perfect!



Pic: Royal Ascot

My weekend highlight was being at the Royal Ascot. For the first time in 7 years I saw the Queen live and so close!

Watch the Queen like I did click here!


Wow that was an amazing event. We dressed up, had Champagne, lost money betting on horses and sing along with this band …

Video sing along

Pic: Finishing week 15 with a medal and a new PB for London City Mile 7:58min

Pic: Impressive watching the elite

That was a busy week and although I went out, I managed to be at the start line at St. Pauls for the London City Mile on Sunday morning. Crazy me left the house too late, running to the station, running to the start line and catching my breath for one minute before I raced off.

The weather was sunny, I felt hot and that my chest was strapped too tight by my bra and rucksack. Obviously running and pushing myself to nearly a sprint rocketed my hart rate trough the sky.

I ran too fast in the beginning and halfway trough I had to slow down a bit. Overall I’m glad I went. My friend Toni was supporting at the finish line just laughing about my story. I could have ran in the next wave! Well Germans want to be on time, right? Hahah and we laughed.


Pic: Weekly challenge : No cookies/ biscuits


WEEK15 challenge: PASSED


One of our customers at work sent over this huge cookie! But I resisted and had no cookie or biscuit until today. I hope I can keep it up.


Next week I will challenge myself by eating no meat for one week. I’m not a huge meat eater anyway but let’s see how it goes…




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