BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 12 – In Germany


Pic: A bridge in Frankfurt Germany #flexinthecity #thecityismyplayground

Pic: Selfie before the German football game.

You might have guessed it already, I’m originally from Germany. For more than 7 years Ilived in London and I still love it. London is my home. But of cause I enjoy being back in my hometown seeing friends and family.

Pic: My parents balcony in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt.


It was time to get dressed and grab the flag… Supporting my team in style. EU championship quarterfinals, I was in Germany and we lost! Just 3rd place, but hey we were still world champion :-)



Pic: Frankfurt Skyline


My running training:

  • 5km along the river on Thursday
  • 10km along the river on Friday



Pic: SUP standup paddle on the river Main


Running training done so I was enjoying myself and tried something new.  The SUP standup paddle on the river. My friend and running buddy Marcello had the idea to paddle on the river. It was so hot that I was only wearing a Bikini top :-).


I was a natural after I quickly learnt the basics. Actually it was a great upper body workout. I enjoyed it a lot! We have #sub in London as well and I definitely will go again this summer.























Pic: Whiskey distillery St. Killian testing “White Dog” with chocolate and Mint flavour.



Pic: Tour trough the distillery, each barrel smelled differently.


While in Germany I was invited to a Whiskey distillery opening event. My friend Andi has a huge passion for Whiskey. As long as I know him and that is already more than 10 years, he was collecting Whisky. Now his dream came true and he owns St. Killian Distillers near Miltenberg.


Pic: Andi Thuemmler founder of St. Killian Distillers and Sabine


It was an amazing afternoon of good food drinks and music. I donated 40EUR for the charity “Steps for Children” and had an awesome time learning how the distillery works.


Pic: Whiskey as a new investment. Buy your Whiskey barrel starting around 7k EUR.


Sorry this post was not so much about running training and more about life. Sometimes life takes over. Just go with the flow. Why feeling bad about not training? I did some runs and being on holiday I had to enjoy every minute with my family and friends. I did my long run and that was important.

Sometimes smaller goals are more efficient. I think there is a time where you have to enjoy the moment in life but keep in mind that you will be back in the training game as soon as this moment is over. Once I was back in London I hit the roads with a run to work in the morning.


Pic: German Schnitzel with fried potatoes and “Green Sauce”, Frankfurt’s local speciality.


I love my food, I run for food. Yes, fitness gives me the balance to enjoy life to the fullest. Food is one of my weaknesses.


Enjoy your day, every day!



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