BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 11 – In Paris


Pic: Created in Snapchat to keep a memory of the lovely food I had in Paris.


My current life is so busy and exciting. So after being in Germany I had another weekend away in Paris. Just a weekend meeting a few friends. Why not? Although I should focus more on training, I felt like mixing workout and pleasure with this trip.

Pic: View from a rooftop restaurant in Quarter 5

Pic: National History Museum in Quarter 5


I’ve been in Paris earlier in the year to see the famous Burlesque star Dita von Teese. Great to be back again and explore a little bit more. This time I stayed in Quarter 5. A weekend trip was short, therefore I decided mainly explored the area. My friend showed me around and I strolled along a colourful market with lots of food.


All was recorded on snapchat as I had so much fun to share these moments with my friends and followers. Want to be part next time? Add “lifemychallenge”.


Pic: Runtastic app tracked my run in Paris. Just 3k to keep the legs active.


I dragged my friend out to go for a short run around the National History Museum. It was a hot day and I’m not sure if my friend enjoyed the run as much as I did. 3k wasn’t much but for someone not doing any sport, it was a challenge. Well done to Cronan, who I hopefully inspired to more fitness. Being active is so good for your wellbeing.


 Pic: Shopping in Paris, I loved the colours!


Pic: A Metro stop that got my name in it!


Wikipedia said: Bréguet — Sabin is a station of the Paris Métro, serving line 5.


The name refers to the Rue Bréguet, named for the Bréguet family of clockmakers and inventors, and Rue Saint-Sabin, named for Charles-Pierre Angelesme de Saint-Sabin, an 18th-century Paris city councillor.

Travelling around in Paris was easy. Just took the Metro like the Underground in London.

Pic: Typical french breakfast. I was still hungry afterwards.

Obviously this post was about the highlight of week 11 counting down to the Berlin Marathon race. Just for the record, I did run during the week. My training runs were between 7-10k.


Next week I will focused more on training but there might be some fitness fun events in between.


Be active and enjoy your life. Be happy!



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