BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 10



During the week I went to a GYM BOX event in Holborn. Early in the morning. I love exercising before work, I always feel so energised and more focused after I return to my desk. A few years ago I was a member at GYM BOX. This gym is fun, trendy and has lots of cool classes. The class I went to was a combination of Drum, Pilates and Cardio. Using the drum sticks drumming on to the gym matt with step combination or core workout while sitting. The good music for a drumming class was key and we had so much fun with instructor Jess Mc Kee.





Pic: Girl  Drum Power



Pic: Beautiful and delicious “So Fresh So Green Smoothie” recipe by Borrow My // Blender

Pic: Elle from Borrow My // Blender and me enjoying delicious post workout smoothies. Thanks!


After a workout I enjoy protein shakes. Choosing from different flavours made of NaturesPlus Protein Powder Mix (VEGAN, Sugar, Gluten and Soya free). A great event I love trying something new.


Pic: Run, run and more running.

Saturday parkrun in Brockwell Park.


Back to my running schedule

Monday: run to work 7k

Tuesday: Track total 7k

Thursday: Fitness Event Gymbox

Saturday: Long run with breaks Total 15k

Sunday:    Body weight event



Looking back how much I ran that week, I’m quite pleased. I had it all. Easy run to work, speed and high intensely track session and finishing off the week with a long run.


However the long run I did break into section. It was super hot and I fancied a park run. So what I did was running to Brockwell Park (Brixton) = 3k. The parkrun itself was 5km. After that I decided to run to a local shop just to get inspired for my new bedroom =3km and finally running home in an very easy tempo = 3km.


I enjoyed running in my area and got a total of nearly 15k together.  Later that day I went to my blogger friend Corey for a BBQ.



Pic: amazing Burger and Snapchat fun using the filter face swap! We couldn’t stop laughing.

The next day I had another event lined up. additional to running and getting the miles in or increasing the milage over the week until the race day, it is very important to get strengthening sessions in as well. It’s as important as running! I have to admit that I’m not doing enough.

I found an lululemon event about “calisthenics” at Motus Strength Gym.



Pic: Bodyweight training is great but it takes some practice.



Pic: Handstand and Motion pre and post workout drink promotion. Another great event!

Handstand practice was fun, luckily I had done a handstand class before and felt quite confident. Very good exercise for the upper body. I got strong legs but my shoulders and arms could be stronger.

Watch my handstand video CLICK HERE


Enjoy your training or have fun following mine here or on snapchat @lifemychallenge



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