Back 2 the Trenches – Obstacle Course Race

TODAY is the day…

Date:                      22.06.2014

Location:               Redhill

My team wave:      11:20am


Challenge:             12km obstacles and trail running




Here is the official video of the course: THE BIG PUSH


Back 2 the trenches on youtube



I didn’t train running much… but hey there might be just little to run as the obstacles are the challenge. 😉




–          Old cloth recommended

–          I chose long running highs (protects your leg)

–          Tech T-Shirt (material that can dry fast like Nike Dri-Fit)

–          Cycling gloves to protect my hands and for a better grip

–          Old running shoes or Trail-running Shoes for a better grip

–          Gaiters (won’t let any small stones in) and 5 finger socks 
–     4 safety pins for the race number
–     snacks before and after
–     plastic back for your dirty cloth afterwards
–     Towel and baby-wipes
–     a fresh set of cloth, flip flops
–     Electrolytes and plaster
–     additional GoPro head camera

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