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BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 9

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS   Week 09 Tuesday Track with Adventrunning in East London warm up 1.2k main session 4.4k cool down 400m = 6k Thursday Run to work 6.5 k Sunday Long Run 15k with Eleni   ————————————————————————————————————————–   Running training…


2016 Olympics and throwback to 2012 London Games

The Olympics are on in Rio! Last weekend was the opening ceremony. Did you watch it? Or maybe your are in Rio yourself? Throwback to 2012 when we had the olympics in London I remembered the look and feel of the…


BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 10

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS   During the week I went to a GYM BOX event in Holborn. Early in the morning. I love exercising before work, I always feel so energised and more focused after I return to my desk. A few years ago I was…


BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 11 – In Paris

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS Pic: Created in Snapchat to keep a memory of the lovely food I had in Paris.   My current life is so busy and exciting. So after being in Germany I had another weekend away in Paris. Just…


My Snapchat

Pic: My unique Snapchat code Yes, another blog is already overdue! What I was up to? #Snapchat just happened to me. A couple of weeks ago I started exploring the last #socialmedia #bloggertrend and I’m really enjoying it. The whole…


BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 12 – In Germany

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS Pic: A bridge in Frankfurt Germany #flexinthecity #thecityismyplayground Pic: Selfie before the German football game. You might have guessed it already, I’m originally from Germany. For more than 7 years Ilived in London and I still love it.…


BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 13 EU Special

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS Pic: Herman Ze German, Soho London The Last 2 weeks were challenging. LIFE WAS TAKING OVER Work was super busy although it supposed to be the quiet time of the year. Things have changed and I do lots of overtime.  …


BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 14

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS Business, business, business … Last week I was bogged down by work and on top I got a cold. London’s weather was just so typically rainy. Everyone sneezing in the tube and in the office. Unfortunately no training for…


BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 15

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS Pic: Good Morning Friday was my earliest training morning so far. Alarm 5:15am, snoozing till 5:30am and I finally left my house by 6:00am to travel 45min to East London’s Beigel Bake. For a long time I wanted…


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