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“How could this happen? “   2016 was long gone. January? When was that? Now I feel February is coming soon to an end… My mind can’t follow. Where is all the time gone? And what did I do?  …



  Berlin was an emotional rollercoaster until I finally was running my race!     If you have followed my Berlin trainings weeks you know that the last week was a disaster. I was stressed from work, not training due…


BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week before the race

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS This post is just a short one. In general I’m a positive thinking person and don’t want to moan too much. But what the fxxxx was going on in the week before Berlin Marathon race? Seriously, I felt the worst ever.…


BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 2

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS Pic: Different lacing options for your running shoe depending on your mid-foot. Just a small tip for you: Tip: Check your shoe lacing. I run with the left lacing due to my high midfoot. It takes off the…


BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 3 Bacchus Half Marathon

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS   The absolute highlight with no doubt was the Bacchus Half Marathon near Dorking. The week started with a challenging track session on Tuesday. Warm up 3 x 400m Main set 6x: 2 x 400m 1min rest and…


BACCHUS Half Marathon – The Race

  Run through vineyards Event date: 11.09.16 Location:     DENBIES WINE ESTATE Distance:     21 km Route:         mainly hilly, cross country Sundays means a long run for my Marathon training. When I realised that…


BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 4

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS Pic: At Sweaty Betty Soho London We ran to Regents Park exercised and ran back to the store with refreshing BIRCH WATER waiting for us. It didn’t have much of a flavour to it. I liked it and…


BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 5

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS Week 5 was just amazing! One highlight after die other. Monday will be always my REST DAY.  The first highlight was on Tuesday when I was lucky to attend an Adidas Event. We met up in North London.…


BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 6

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS Happy running buddies Mollie and me at Richmond Park   Countdown week 6 basically had a strengthening session on Wednesday, run to work Thursday and my main long run on Sunday.   Due to the long runs and…


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