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Pilates and SUP

Pic: Ruth Tongue A wonderful sunny day in East London and I enjoyed floating on a SUP. What is a SUP? It’s the board you can see on the picture above. A SUP board is mainly used for stand up paddling.  …


Decathlon Scavenge Hunt

Oh, that night was fun. I was heading over from work for a scavenger hunt at the mega huge Decathlon store in Surry Quays. But what is actually a “scavenger hunt”? It’s a game were each team had to answer questions…


Thorpe Park Half Marathon – The Race

Event date: 26.02.16 Distance: 21 km Route: mainly flat Address: Thorpe Park,  Staines Rd, Chertsey KT16 8PN Yes! I did it! So glad I signed up for this race. At the moment each week passed so quickly and if I haven’t signed…


Hot Yoga Challenge – final week 3

In my last week of the 21 days introductory offer at Fierce Grace Brixton I was recovering from Thorpe Park Half Marathon. Monday was obviously a rest day. I really wanted to go to hot yoga but a friend recommended to…


Hot Yoga Challenge – week 2

This week was all about the Half Marathon race on Sunday. A week before a race you supposed to taper down, that means you reduce the milage on each training session. In my case, I would have needed another week…


Hot Yoga Challenge – week 1

How is your training going? Doesn’t matter how often per week you go but did you set yourself a goal? Fitness once or twice per week maybe? At home or in a gym? I leant that only if I set…


Hot Yoga Challenge – First Class Experience

Pic: Marguerite Boyle While running to work as a training for my next Half Marathon, I thought stretching and strengthening needs to be a part as well. The last few month went so quickly. I realised that my focus was not that much on…



“How could this happen? “   2016 was long gone. January? When was that? Now I feel February is coming soon to an end… My mind can’t follow. Where is all the time gone? And what did I do?  …



  Berlin was an emotional rollercoaster until I finally was running my race!     If you have followed my Berlin trainings weeks you know that the last week was a disaster. I was stressed from work, not training due…


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