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Germany: Local newspaper article

Everyone in Frankfurt am Main might have found this article in their letter box. My father took the first initiative and contacted the local newspaper EXTRA TIPP. Few days later I had a telephone interview and here is the result: …


Training with weights for Jungle Marathon

Some of you might already ask themselves why I run with a fully packed rucksack all the time. When I ran to work I obviously need to carry my office cloth to get changed. But I always have extra weight…


Training with wet feet

Training for the Jungle Marathon doesn’t mean you just follow your running plan… I printed out a running plan from the internet that told me how many km to run each week including interval sessions, tempo runs and a long…


Inspired by the Olympics

I went to see the Paralympics Athletics today. The atmosphere was great and I am glad that I got some tickets to experience the games that close. One world record after the other, wow, I was blown away and I…


Running to work during the Olympics

The Olympics/Paralympics are on and while everyone worried about getting late to work, I decided to run to work.  Not every day but at least 1-2 a week and then straight to the gym on the treadmill.     My…


Training during the Olympics 2012

                Running in Regent’s Park discovering the Olympic Mascots 2012              Mascot near London Zoo                                Flower Power   12.5km in 1h 58m     My second long run! Yeah!      


UVU Jungle Marathon 2012 – The details

Date: October 4th- 13th 2012 All competitors will have the choice of two distances:100km in 4 days or 222km after 6 days.The race is self-sufficient therefore I have to carry my belongings including food in my rucksack. Bottled water and…


How my sport adventure challenges began

My second challenge: How it began… Every start to a New Year begins similarly. Is your life standing still? Why don’t you challenge yourself to make the best out of it? You are glad that you have finished another year with…


My first challenge:

Frankfurt (Germany) to London (UK) How it all began… During October 2008 I visited my friend Stephanie for the second time in London, I had been a few times before but this time it was different and seemed less like…


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