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Adidas Boost Boot Camp – Adidas 26ers

Date:  21.03.15 Place: London Marathon Store Running up to the London Marathon on the 26.04.15 Adidas hosted a Boot Camp event in the London Marathon store, East London. Also known as the Adidas 26ers, the Adidas running club was just below the retail shop…


FINISHED: Frankfurt Lufthansa Half Marathon

      DATE:              08.03.15 LOCATION:     Frankfurt Main, Germany CHALLENGE: 21km     This race was in the middle of my Marathon program and perfect to test my progress of the training.…


Virgin Money London Marathon: Training wk 09 in Frankfurt Germany

 Frankfurt Westhafen One of Frankfurts Emblem: “Das Gerippte, Bembel”. The Tower near Westhafen embodies the traditional Apfelwein (German Cider) glass due to its glass structure . Week 9: Frankfurt Germany Preparation for the Frankfurt Half Marathon: Monday +Tuesday: Rest days after the…


Triathlon Convention Europe, 10k race

What a succesful Sunday. A few days ago I didn’t know about the event. I planned an easy run that day. Imagine how surprised I felt when my name was called for the 3rd place in my age group. On…


Virgin London Marathon: Training week 5-8

Hyde Park 7:30 am: Small lake opposite Kennsington Palace. Snow in London is very rare. Week 5: London Hyde Park This week was challenging. The snow looked beautifull but was freezing cold. ==> No excuse! I committed! Looking at the program…


VLM 2015: Meet The Experts Day

Date:       07/02/2015 Location: Institute of Education, London Meet the Experts was organised by Virgin Money London Marathon to give an overview of the VLM event. Pre race, race and after race information were given to know the best way how…


Virgin Money London Marathon: Training week 3+4

The following 2 weeks were about implementing different training session to increase the fitness level.  4 running sessions with a gym strengthening session in the middle.  This was about: holding a certain pace and heart rate  ==> I can easily run a steady…


Virgin Money London Marathon: Training week 1+2

My Marathon training starts here in central London. Very exciting to run along iconic places in the city I live and will run my first Marathon in. I will pass landmarks and run along parks which I will later on revisit in the…


Virgin Money London Marathon 2015

    So lucky, lucky, lucky! The London Marathon is one of the top 5 Marathons in the world and you can imagine how high the demand is to get a place. As soon as the marathon finished, they had…


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