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Big smile on my face just before I went for the last round at Spitfire Scramble 24h running event. With a team of 8 we managed to complete 23 laps while camping and having lots of fun. For my previous adventures I was…


Spitfire Scramble 24h relay race

Date:                 15. – 16.08.15 Location:           Hornchurch Country Park, London Borough of Havering Category:           6-8 Mix Team name:      UK Fitness Bloggers Challenge:    …


Virgin London Marathon: The Race

  An experience of a lifetime! Challenged by sweat, tears, like an emotional roller-coaster! It was hard work and the dedication to train for more than 16 weeks makes you happy after crossing the finish line when you know it all…


Virgin London Marathon: EXPO at London Excel

  Impressive entrace with history, an crafty artist and me signing the Adidas wall.  Can YOU spot me on the wall?     Of cause lots of shops from fashion to nutrition and last minute advice…   … oh and…


Virgin London Marathon: week 16 Tapering and 7 more days to go!

What a sunny start of the tapering week… 6,2km run along the canal straight to work. I kept up the strengthening training but also tried a new class called “BARRECORE”. The exercises were based on Yoga and ballet pulsing movements.…


Virgin London Marathon: week 15 last training days before tapering down

The highlight of my last training week was the simple fact that each distance would be run for the last time. My longer runs during the week were in Hyde Park were I managed to pass all points on the pic…


Virgin London Marathon: The longest Long Run: Richmond Park London

  My Half Marathon Race was the longest distance I’ve done and it was about time to increase it. Due to my right ankle and the numbness in my other feet I was a bit nervous because I knew it would be…


Virgin London Marathon: Training week 9-12

calender week10 is training week 9 Back in London with a new PB, I finished my Half Marathon in Frankfurt (wk 09) super happy and enjoyed my recovery wk 10 afterwards. Maybe I had a bit too much rest in-between the strengthening sessions…


Adidas Boost Boot Camp – Adidas 26ers

Date:  21.03.15 Place: London Marathon Store Running up to the London Marathon on the 26.04.15 Adidas hosted a Boot Camp event in the London Marathon store, East London. Also known as the Adidas 26ers, the Adidas running club was just below the retail shop…


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