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Hackney Half Marathon 2024

Hackney Half Marathon is a very popular and fun Half Marathon to run. A sold out race every year in Hackney, a trendy upcoming area in London. Event date: 19.05.24Location:     Hackney, LondonDistance:     21 kmRoute:    …


Martial Arts Course Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu helped my confidence

Yes, I’m always up for a new fitness challenge. If YOU like to try something new that boosts your confidence, I might have an interesting read for you. What about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? I tried an introductory beginner class for Brazilian…


Social Running after COVID19

Finally, restrictions were loosened, and we can run together in groups again. Yes, social running is back. It has been months of motivating myself and sometimes dragging myself out of the house to go for a run on my own.…


How to make a face mask?

YOU searched for a face mask tutorial or want to know how to make your own face mask pattern? I did exactly the same and after watching plenty of videos I created my template and love to share in a…


Working from home. A simple way to hydrate more!

Working from home was never an option for me as I’m not in a management position and my role never had this as an option. Until now! With COVID 19 happening life has changed and now I’m working from home…


My Online Personal Trainer Course with OriGym

First time I’ve decided to sign up for an online learning course. For me, studying has been a while ago and I was positively surprised how fun it can be. Fitness is my passion and I was thinking about getting…


Decathlon Family Camping Tent Review

Blue sky in Wales on a camping site near Weobley castle were I would love to be right now. It was such a great weekend at Lovetrails Festival where I ended up doing YOGA, trail running, coasteering and the typical…



Living in a big city you have your friends, colleagues around and you enjoy going for after work drinks or events together. If you also enjoy being active, this new Tough Mudder 5km Urban concept might be your cup of…


London – My 10 years anniversary

It’s my 10 year anniversary in London! I can’t believe it. Have you notice #tenyearchallenge campaign on social media? I though that’s fun and I can add a bit more then just a picture me vs. me 10 years ago.…


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