Jungle Marathon: After the race: Stage 5 – 6


After the race everyone who dropped out or finished the 121km went by boat to an amazing beach.

We stayed there for 2 nights and I waited excited for my team to come in from the night stage.

In the meantime I enjoyed my freshly made meals from the restaurant. Honestly I was so looking forward to fresh food after eating the light weight high calorie dried food.



It was around 11pm when the first runners came in. Unbelievable, they started at 6 am and finished 108km at ca. 11pm the same night!



Well done to my friend Stuart who made it around 1:30pm. I was already lying in my hammock when I heard him screaming: “Helloooo! Number 36! Write me down…!” The medical team felt asleep I guess, so I jumped out of my hammock and checked how he was doing.

    Spiders at the camp

                                                                                                   My feet: before and after


Stage 6:  final run along the beach.

I personally think that running on the beach is one of the toughest things to do. The ankle have to be strong.


                                                                                         Winner of the Jungle Marathon 2012: Duncan from UK


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