Adventrunning Day 17 and The North Face

The concept Adventrunning was founded by Claudia and James who are not only running experts, Marathoners, Ultra Runners, they are also Triathlon Coaches.

The idea is simple: aim to run for minimum of 30 min a day for 25 days until Christmas. #25in25

This event was in cooperation with The North Face who are currently hosting London based outdoor training sessions for free and other amazing outdoor events like the one below.

Here is my report about:


Day 17: Adventrunning in cooperation with The North Face #NeverstopLondon


Date:           17.12.15

Location:     Camden Town Brewery

Challenge:  12k night run in Hampstead Heath

Picture by Jen Slater

Quick talk by Jen from The North Face about their current #NeverstopLondon events.


Passing the Beer tanks a few times #RunforBeer was a brilliant idea. Couldn’t wait for one in my hand.



While Claudia and James leading the way thought Hempstead Heath, I was challenged by my head torch. It was not bright enough for the dark park. It was a city run head torch so I could not see where I was running. Therefore the more important it was for me to stick together in a group.


Running together was fun! This time I was wearing my trail running shoes which was as important as a torch. The park was so slippery and wet that I nearly ended up in the mud again. Trail running fun!



Back at the Brewery! Finally a glass of Beer in my hands! I felt my legs from the hills and the next day I was absolutely fine. Mmmh Beer was a great recovery drink!


Christmas season is on and we are counting down the days.


17/25 days, midway trough – How was your running progress going?




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