Advent Running Day 13: Adidas Escape The City Trail Running Event


Date:        13.12.15

Distance:  10k Trail Running

Location:  Richmond Park London

Adventrunning was founded by Claudia and James who are not only running experts, Marathoners, Ultra Runners, they are also Triathlon Coaches.

The idea is simple: aim to run for minimum of 30 min a day for 25 days until Christmas. #25in25 

Lucky Day 13 of #adventrunning was muddy and slippery. 

We met up in Wimbledon/Putney area and ran mainly trough Richmond Park.

You can see that it was a trail run. This Escape the City event had it all: Hills, road, beautiful park landscape and muddy surfaces. The hills would have been fine with the right shoes.  It was just muddy, very muddy and slippery. And what did I think? Nothing! I looked at my trail running shoes but grabbed my road running shoes in stead. 

Big, big mistake. 

Check this out…

Wet feet? No, drowning shoes and and all I felt was envy! I missed my other shoes! It was so challenging and frustrating as I had to slow down and make sure to find some grip to get forwards. I envied the grip most of the runners had in trail running shoes! Like the Adidas ones below.

Not sure which model it was but Claudia had so much grip sprinting up the hill taking a pic. I was in the back like a snail.

But after all that hard work I had still a smile on my face and could enjoy the run. Richmond Park was so lovely and we ended up in a cool pub close by the park. Pub food and Beer well deserved. I met new likeminded people and could’t wait for the next event. But next time in Trail Running shoes!

Please check out their website for all running events:

Lesson learnt! 
Never use road running shoes for trail. Why? You slip, you have no grip and end up on your bum like I did. From a training point of view: The pressure on your ankle would be much higher. Your injury risk is much higher and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much as you would like to. 

Good running gear is essential and your shoes are the most important tool to keep you fit and healthy. My mistake was silly and I struggled so I suggest to know your weather conditions and according to that the surface changes and therefore your choice of shoes should too.

Thanks for reading.

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