Adidas #PureBoostX Launch and Advent Running

The new Adidas #PureBoostX launch was happening in Victoria Park, London. For one week the park was covered in pink and blue spotlights. 

During the day Adidas arranged Yoga, high intensity workouts and from 7pm Advent Running was taking over one hour running session. Every evening were different running drills lead by Claudia from Advent Running. 

Pic by Adidas

The pop up building was the shape of a big X. Each corner had a different experience ready for YOU like the Boost technology room or the shop. You could win prices and try the new Boost X shoe. 

Of cause I tried the new shoes. Super light weight and snuck fit on my feet. I curently ran in Boost shoes but this one was different. There was no option to insert an insole. The show just fits very well onto my feed. However I realised that there was not enough stability for my feet. It was a great fitness shoe but for running I would keep hold of my current Boost model where I can use my insoles.

Even the Bag Drop was looking so cool! All organised.

Running in the dark I’ve never done before. Did You? How fun was that? Along Victoria park pink and blue spot light were set up with different entertaining effects. I felt like being on a night out. I was in a party mood already, only the music was missing.

Check out this Video: Click HERE

Claudia from Advent Running was leading the run. I love the black and white tights on her!

Water and sweeties afterwards.

Sunday crew from the speed session. Pic by Advent Running

The event was on for one week and I managed to go to Friday Fartlek and Sunday Tempo session. After one round few and other warm up drills, we split into two groups. I was in the second, slower group. Slower meant a 5k time of 30-35min. 

Both sessions were so beneficial and I was running at a faster and a bit uncomfortable speed, teaching my body to adapt. Meeting new runners was great fun. I loved the whole event. Can’t wait to train with AR again soon.

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