Adidas Boost Boot Camp – Adidas 26ers

Date:  21.03.15
Place: London Marathon Store

Running up to the London Marathon on the 26.04.15 Adidas hosted a Boot Camp event in the London Marathon store, East London.

Also known as the Adidas 26ers, the Adidas running club was just below the retail shop and runners like you and me can meet up for free on a regular basis.

The Boot Camp was for selected London Marathon participants meeting experts to be informed about nutrition, footwear and training. 

Special training advice was given by Liz Yelling (Olimpic Marathon runner) who took us to a local park to ran 2x 800m at our Marathon pace.

What I learned was to practice the marathon pace during training. 

The most of us were running to fast on the first round. Liz showed us a table where we could look up our pace and see the calculated Marathon time. No way I would be able to run the Marathon I just ran and finish 04:30:00. The second round I ran slower but I felt that it was still to fasst to be able to hold that pace for more than 4 hours.

The learning were great and the following weekend I ran much slower on my long run ti practice to “feel” my personal Marathon pace.

My aim is to finish but I really like to finish under 5 hours. It’s my first one and I don’t want to set the goal to high! 

I’m in it to ENJOY it and not to win it.

Steve Way – British Marathon runner talked through his training highlights and that taper down 3 weeks before the race is maybe not always necessary.

Found this fun selfie of Steve on my phone while taking pictures of us.

Fun afternoon thanks to Adidas! Well done!

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