2018 – new year – new me!

2018 is fast approaching, I can’t believe we are already
halfway through.

Glad 2017 is over. What kind of year was that?

I struggled a lot on a personal level and my blogging here
went a bit quiet.

Moving flat 2x within 2 month, that drained out all my
energy. Shortly after that, my parents in Germany got their notice on their flat
too. WTF! Sorry! Why now?

3 x moving was crazy. I can’t describe how I felt when my
parents got the letter from their landlord. This flat was where I was growing
up. My parents lived there 40 years. This situation touched me emotionally a
lot. I travelled back and forth every few weeks to help clear out and when they
found a new place, I physically helped moving stuff as well.

What kind of fitness did I do in 2017?

Oh, yes there was a Half Marathon  in Tenerife, one of the toughest one I’ve ever
did and I guess carrying boxes was my exercise for the 2nd half of

Where is my fitness gone? It’s gone!

I tried to run to work few times to keep it up but my
emotions and thoughts were always with my parents. I struggled to find
motivation and mental strength to just do it.

Moving is one of the toughest things to do in life. It’s tougher
than a Marathon or any other fitness challenge I’ve ever done. You can’t
prepare for it. Not, for the emotional part.

I considered myself as mentally strong, managing an Ultrarace years ago and 2 Marathons but I wasn’t prepared for this emotional
overflow. Lot’s of tears, stress and unhealthy habits sneaked in.

That’s over now!

2018 – new year – new me!

Step by step I get my fitness back and soon I’m up and
running again.

With the start of January ’18 I joined a group “30 day squat
to find my way back into exercising on a regular basis.

Pic: LEVEL 1 Squat Challenge 

Once you lost your routine it’s hard to get back into it.
This happened to me. Although my friends wouldn’t expect that, but it happened.

So the solution is to create a new habit, new routine.

I have a few things already in mind and planned for this
year and I will talk more about creating new habits because I need to do it
right now myself.

This year is all about ME! My health and  my fitness because this is “my life my

If you like the sound and idea of “2018 new year – new
me! “
please follow me and join me on my fitness journey.

You need to do the exercises yourself but I love to motivate
you. It motivates me to motivate others.  It’s a two way, win- win plan.

Let’s do it.

Move with me,

Sabine xx

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